Camp Pinetop

Rise and shine, campers! The bugle is sounding, so roll up your sleeping bags, break down your tents, and get ready for another beautiful summer day. Are you going to scramble up Gemini Peak? Delve deep into Fiddler’s Woods? Explore the depths of Fairy Fire Caves? Or will you take a canoe out to Lantern Island? Grab your gear, and let’s get going!

Camp Pinetop has been a pet project of mine the past couple years. I developed the game mechanics as well as the illustrations and collaborated on the graphic design. In the game, you play as the leader of a group of campers who are exploring the wilderness. Throughout, you will need to collect skill patches, which will give your campers special abilities and allow them to level up to the highest rank.

Images below represent various stages in prototyping. Published by Talon Strikes Games.